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HTML5 CSS3 retrocompatibility semantic responsive design ergonomics typography
Notions of Javascript, jQuery and php
Design, visual identity and interfaces conception, layout design.
Specifications, graphic and communication reference documents writing.

Mastered tools
Sublime Text 2 (avec Emmet), Microsoft Visual Studio.
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, In design, Flash.

French (native), professional English.


Atecna (since dec. 2012, Lille, France)
front developer - service provider for Publicis ETO
Technical support and redesign of the Orange™ commercial websites (prospect, client, Open, pro) and Sosh™ (web and mobile websites), webmails.

3 Suisses (sept. 10 - nov. 11 - Croix, France)
front developer, designer (web, layout)
Profiled mailings and emailings (layout design + HTML CSS).
Catalog pages edition, print and skin shops.

Mésopotamie (may 10 - july 10, Lille, France)
Logotypes and visual identities, institutional and event communication, print campaign.
Edition and layout design.

Ankama Games (apr. 08 - july 08, Roubaix, France)
designer - graphism and web design unit
Ankama Convention #4 event communication (gathering of thousands of subscribers)
Flyers, print 10 x 5 m, trading cards.
Dofus and Wakfu games logotypes (adaptation and declination for screenprinting and embroidery).
Dofus and Arena web banners.

Nikita (apr. 07 - june 07, Lille, France)
Logotypes and visual identities, advertising campaigns, sales brochures.


ESDM (nov. 10 - nov. 11, Roubaix, France)
Web project manager and web designer education.

Cepreco (sept. 06 - june 10, Roubaix, France)
Designer education.


Minimalist design, plastic arts, photography, architecture.
Eclectic musical tastes, preference for progressive and instrumental music.